• Cultivating business relationships and inspiring community growth through teamwork.
  • Home to a thriving & diverse blend of retailers, restaurants & services in Canada's vibrant Rose City.
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North Welland – A Thriving and Welcoming Gateway to Canada’s Vibrant Rose City!


Beep, beep, varoom, varoom! If you’re in need of a new car or service on your existing one, we have a lot of businesses in North Welland to help you out.

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Whether you’re in the mood for a great burger or a fine dining experience, there’s something in North Welland for you!

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North Welland is home to many doctors, dentists, accountants and other professional offices that you can trust!

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The North Welland shopping area is an eclectic mix of businesses owned by friendly merchants who are deeply tied to this community. Get to know them! They’ll give you great service, and appreciate your business.

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Annual General Meeting

Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.
- Winston Churchill


Our Board

  • John Clark

    Owner, M.T. Bellies and Riverstone Event Centre - Chairman
  • Alanna Galeota

    Director of Operations at Doral Holdings Limited - Treasurer
  • Mark Melloni

    Owner of Urge To Purge - Director At Large
  • Jeff Reuter

    Owner, Reuter & Reilly Insurance Brokers - Director At Large
  • Doug Watson

    Owner at Online Electronics Incorporated - Director At Large
  • Dennis Rogers

    Owner of Great Signs & Graphics - Director At Large
  • Deb Zahra

    Franchisee, Operating Partner of Boston Pizza Welland - Secretary
  • Chad Scully

    Owner of Eye Care Welland - Director At Large
  • Mark Carl

    Welland Councillor Ward 1 - Council Appointed
  • Leo Van Vliet

    Welland Councillor Ward 1 - Council Appointed